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" Managing the self-image, revitalizing and taking good care of the skin, finding the good product proposing the best quality/price ratio... So many concerns for the household which represent the essence of our company ".

Maparco is an industrial company operating at an international level as a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and perfumes. The globalization defining itself as an engine of merger of the economies fromthe whole world, it allowed us to create several partnerships on an international scale and consequently, to form a tie of closeness between big global brands and the moroccan consumer.

The company owes its success to years of experience in the respective domains of distribution and production, the integration of the global responsibility as a full component of its strategy considering the growing technological competitiveness, the investment in research and development, the extension of its park conveys, its collaborators expertise as well as the consolidation of its value chain.

Natural and 100% Moroccan... MAPARCO has wide range products formulated, developed and aimed at personal care : hair care, body care and dental care.

Our Main activities


MAPARCO operates on the moroccan market since 1975, its expertise allowed it to develop its distribution via several channels : wholesale trade, retail trade and mass-market retailing. The optimization of its resources takes shape by:

- The deployment of an auto fleet adapted

- The recruitment of qualified logistic staff

- The implementation of spaces of storage and a system for their management

- The integration of a commercial device adjusted in terms of developed markets at national and international level.

« As customers, and as individuals, we live in a world of brands. Global or local, well known or newly created, they influence nearly every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the cosmetics we use. They even have the power to reassure us, encourage us to act, and allow us to dream. This is why we’ve always stayed true to our mission of sharing beauty, and have based our brand on the relationship we have with our customers.... ... By innovating and providing products and services based on quality, we have built an extensive experience in operational marketing and logistics fields that allow us today to expand our product lines... » Says Karim El Fechtali, managing director of MAPARCO.


Specialized in imports and marketing of cosmetics since its creation, MAPARCO managed to develop its activity by settling production lines through local manufacturing of cosmetics and perfumes :

- Getting licenses for manufacturing locally international brands by respecting universal standards

- Producing 100% Moroccan brands benefiting from technical knowledge, availability of production requirements and recruiting staff dedicated to the network of cosmetics.

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